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Associated professor October 1983-December 2009
Facoltà di Pianificazione del Territorio,
Corso di Laurea Specialistica in Pianificazione e Politiche per l’Ambiente
Corso di Laurea in Pianificazione Urbana e Territoriale
Università IUAV di Venezia,   S.Croce 1958, Venezia (Italy)

Course on  “Environment and Sustainability in Developing Countries”, since 2007
Course on  “History of Landscape”since 2006
Responsible of the “Food Security module” (Master's Programme on Urban and Regional Planning in developing countries) from 2001 up to 2007 
Course on “Agro-ecosystems and Land Tenure Systems” from 2002 up to 2006
Course on “Geography of Development” from 1995 up to 2007
Course on “Urban and Regional Geography” from 1983 to 2001 
Course on  “Econometrics” from 1976 up to 1982  (as “professore incaricato”)

Responsible for a surveys on Rural Households Coping with Drought and Food Insecurity: a Food Security Assessment in  Keita, (Niger), Master's Programme on Urban and Regional Planning in Developing Countries (PVS) in collaboration with Keita (Niger) Project, Phase IV, Italian Cooperation, Niger
 (June-July 2006)

Responsible for Coping with uncertain environment and seasonality; Living in Uncertain Environment and Coping with Food Shortage - Eastern Hararge; Household level food strategies in Eastern Hararghe and Tigrai Rural Areas (Ethiopia), Master's Programme on Urban and Regional Planning in Developing Countries (PVS) in collaboration with Eastern Hararghe Food Security Unity, Oromo Regional Government, Harar (Ethiopia) and Mekelle University College, Alamata (Ethiopia).
(September-October 2002,  June-July 2003, May-June 2004)

Responsible for the survey on “Coping with uncertain environment and seasonality; Household level food strategies in Alamata area (South Tigray/Ethiopia)”,  High School of Urban and Regional Planning in Developing Countries (Venice) in collaboration with Mekelle University College (Mekelle, Ethiopia) 
(October 1999-December 2000)

Responsible of the “Food Security Rapid Rural Appraisal in Ixcan (Guatemala)”, High School of Urban and Regional Planning in Developing Countries/University of Venice in collaboration with UNDP/PRODERE (Guatemala City). (October-December 1995)
Co-responsible of the Project “Monitoring Przesłrzennego Zroznicowania Obszarów Wiejskich w Polsce” (Monitoring Spatial Differences in Rural Poland), IRWIR/PAN (Warszaw) - DAEST/IUAV (Venice) and co-editor of the Electronic Atlas with the same name published by IRWIR /PAN on December 1996 
(April-December 1996)
Research Sub-director Project CNR/IPRA (Increasing Agricultural Productivity)): Evaluation of land use transfer from agricultural to other activities, including the publication of an Atlas with land use and transfer proxy indicators in Italy. (1985-89)


January 2010 - September 2011
Technical Manager of the Project “Updating of the CPSZ (Crop Production System Zones)of the IGAD Region”, EU/JRC Project
with the following tasks:
    – Methodology development and technical guidance,
    – Establish links and synergies with similar initiatives or Information systems likely to contribute to the CPSZ update.
    – Stakeholders and Users’ needs collection
    – Identification of target data to be collected                                  
    – Coordination of field activities,
    – Guidance of the system design,
    – Responsible of quality control of data in input, of outputs and deliverables and of the implementation process.

End of May – End of August  2008
Food Security Assessment Methodology Expert 
To assist in designing and implementing a survey  on “impact of high food prices in Cambodia” in accordance with the stated objectives and approach specified by WFP Food security and Analysis Unit; to write the Cambodia CFSVA (Comprehensive Food Security & Vulnerability Analysis).
WFP VAM/SENAC,  Phnom Penh and Rome, 2008

Between February and -May 2008
Typology mapping consultant
A large data set of national indicators relevant to climate change adaptation and mitigation, vulnerability to climate change had been analysed and typological maps have been produced.
(in collaboration with Silvio Griguolo).
FAO HQs, SDRNs, Rome, Italy (to be printed)

Mid August  – Mid  November 2006
Food Security Analysis Expert / Mission Leader 
The mission was  carried put to improve an understanding of the Myanmar poor, food insecure and vulnerable, their characteristics and the causes (e.g. shocks; stresses). 
EC/FAO Co-Operative Programme and GCP/INT/952/EC-MYA(8) Project, Yangon-Bangkok

February  2006 - April   2006
Food Security and Vulnerability  Analysis Expert
Analysis on poverty hotspots covering the South East Asia (SEA) countries (Yunnan province in China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia).
FAO HQ, Rome, Italy. ( to be printed) 

Between September 2003and January 2004
FIVIMS Food Security and Vulnerability Analyst Expert 
Support the national FIVIMS initiative in Cambodia through assisting the national FIVIMS Secretariat and TS to identify and estimate the food insecure and vulnerable population
FAORAP, Project FNPP/GLO/001 ST04 

August  2003
International Consultant
To update the volume on the Rainfall Variability and Drought in Sub-Saharan Africa, published as N. 9 in the FAO Agrometeorology Working Paper Series
FAO HQs, SDRNs, Rome, Italy (to be printed)

April - May 2003
FIVIMS Food Security and Vulnerability Analyst Expert 
To conceive and conduct a training session with Multivariate Analysis Trainer / ADDATI Developer at the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) [29 April – 2 May 2003]
(in collaboration with Silvio Griguolo).

Between March and May 2002
FIVIMS Food Security and Vulnerability Analyst Expert 
Mission to develop vulnerability assessment methodologies by using multivariate analysis techniques for identifying vulnerable regions and/or populations at the Philippines subnational level in support of the establishment of a national FIVIMS”

Between September  2001 and February 2002
FIVIMS Food Security and Vulnerability Analyst Expert 
Mission to assist the Government of Thailand in selecting critical indicators/data to monitor the food security situation
and to identify vulnerable areas and/or population at sub-national level

Between February and September  2001
International Consultant Rural Area Development Senior Consultant (Kurdistan - North Iraq)
To determine the socioeconomic structure, the vulnerability and the development potential of North Iraqi rural settlement..... Particular emphasis on understanding the impact of WFP food provision program on rural settlement development patterns and on resettlement program.
UNCHS (Habitat), Baghdad, Nairobi 

Between April 1997 and June 1999
WFP/VAM International Consultant
Charged of establishing a China VAM Unit at WFP Regional Office in Beijing, including training of national officers
Several missions to: Anhui, Gansu, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Ningxia, Shaanxi and Shanxi Provinces, in order to assist in project proposals and project evaluations.
WFP HQ, Rome, Italy and  IFAD, Rome, Italy

Between January 1996 and March 1997
Lead International Consultant (Harare (Zimbabwe) and SADC countries)
Responsible for the conception and the implementation of the SADC countries Food Security Database, including regional staff training.
FAO TCP/RAF/4563 Project /  FSTAU – Harare (Zimbabwe)

September 1989 - December 1993
Chief Technical Adviser  (Project Manager) IGAD Early Warning and Food Information System Project (Djibouti and IGAD region)
Although my assignment concerned the whole process of establishing a self-sustainable regional EWFIS and strengthening the National EWFIS Units (if already existing, or establishing them if not), he dealt with three components (remote sensing-agromet, agro-economic, nutrition)  
For the most relevant activities/achievements concerning these components click here

March - June 1986
Project Evaluation and Project Formulation Consultant (Mauritania)
Evaluated the Project MAU 83/S02 (Statistiques Agricoles et de l'Elevage), including field inspections.
Wrote a Project Proposal (Phase II), including the sample design.
UNSO/MAU/80/S03 & 83/S02