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The document, expected to be include in a volume on “SEA  hotspots” to be published by FAO, describes the major poverty related hotspots for the area coverings Yunnan province (China), Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, stressing their causes (e.g. conflict over water use, and other environmental and socio-economic determinants), dynamics and foreseeability.

The author defines and discusses the concept of hotspots, stressing why hotspots analysis is well suited to describe poverty issues, their complexity and multisectoral nature. The forward looking nature of hotspots analysis is stressed.

For the study area, an extensive review and comparison with other global studies on hotspots and synthetic environmental indicators is presented, specifically (a) Maxx Dilley’s disaster hotspots, (b) the Yale/Columbia Environmental Performance Index and Environmental Sustainability Index, (c) UNDP’s Human Development Index and (d) Petschel-Held’s Environmental syndromes. The author analyses their potential to assess dynamic poverty-related situations and their potential to identify poverty hotspots before they reach a critical status.