most relevant activities...


The most relevant activities/achievements concerning these components are listed here below:

Design, implementation  and introduction in the IGADD region of an Early Warning and Food Security Methodology (which did not exist before), along with a supporting software system (ADDATI-EW) allowing to produce current vulnerability and risk maps merging the results of different assessments (with particular reference to agro-meteorological, remoted sensed and nutritional ones).

He supervised several regional and national agro-meteorological and environmental project activities, of which the most relevant were related to the establishment of the IGADD Crop Production System Zones Data Base which combines environmental, agricultural and remote sensing aspects.

He supervised the organisation of twelve regional workshops of which the most relevant were:

Multifactorial Analysis Techniques Applied to Early Warning, Djibouti, November 1990.

On a Role for Nutritional and Socio-economic Information in EW&FIS activities, Nairobi, October 1991. 

On use of Price Data for Early Warning, Addis Ababa, March 1992; Nairobi, June 1993.

On Agromet Packages for Early Warning, Khartoum, June 1992 and January 1993. 

Crop Monitoring for Early Warning, Kampala, September 1993.

Nutritional and Socioeconomic Data Collection and Utilisation for EWFISKampala June 1993. 

IGADD Early Warning Methodology Evaluation Workshops,  Kampala, December  1992; Rome, November 1993..